Today, there are every and all material options available for the home decorator. Genuine, classic paper wallpaper remains an all-time favourite. It is a natural, timeless choice for anyone looking for something special for their home.

You can bring about the style and ambience of a distinct era with a wallpaper design, be it for your home, summer house, a restoration project or a film production. Equally, timeless wallpaper design gives an exceptional touch to the contemporary interior. Wallpaper is not only beautiful d├ęcor; it is everyday art that expresses the joy of decorating.

Traditional paper wallpaper displays vivid print, beautiful matte surface and soft colours. Being a porous material, paper absorbs sound, adjusts to humidity and does not release any harmful chemicals into the air. It holds the printed colours in a perfect manner, creating an eloquent, vibrant impression.

Traditional paper wallpaper is an excellent choice for heritage homes, as it is a breathable material for a healthy indoor climate. Paper wallpaper is also an eco-friendly choice. The production does not place much burden on the environment, and it does not contain anti-mold agents or other toxic chemicals.

Paper is magnificient to work with. Installing paper wallpaper is not difficult at all. It adapts amazingly well to corners,edges, contours and small defects of the wall surface. It adds warmth to modern and old homes alike. Wallpaperaccentuates the room decoration and brings out the beauty in any interior.

Why not rely on something that works so well?

Freshly printed paper wallpaper on the production line.

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